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Slash Street

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hmm [Tue, Oct 23 2007 // 10:29pm]

I got a little confused when the "Unbreakable" album came today in the mail for me - said something about me getting a special copy early. Must be because I'm related to Rok - thanks for the family hook-up, yo. And I just got done reading ya'lls thank yous.


(Nick, if it's the 10th slice, then yes, yes it will get you fat again.)
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Keeping y'all posted [Mon, Oct 22 2007 // 12:34am]

Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't joined you in grand ol' Japan yet. Me and Howie have been sort of busy with this project, and ... yeah. But did y'all arrive okay?
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what up. [Thu, Oct 18 2007 // 01:42am]

Hey ya'll. Thought I'd come over here and revive this thang right here. I figure we can use this to communicate while you fellas are in the studio putting the finishing touches on the album.

But, more importantly, though I'd use this to make an important announcement. You know, for the fans.

First off, this isn't very easy for me to say. *Eyebrows tearing up* But, my heart's just not in it anymore . . . I feel like it's time for me to start focusing on Kris (yes, ya'll, I'm married to Rachel McAdams a beautiful woman named Kristin and our son. I think he was born recently. I'll check the time stamp on my gym card to verify his birthday.

Where was I? Oh, yes, so it's time for me to announce that I am leaving it to you four to work on the new album. I wish ya'll all the luck - it's been an amazing 15 years (is it? Dunno. Again, gotta check my gym membership card) and I'll never forget how four brothers managed to shape my life (my Eyebrows, more importantly - traveling across the world opened me up to so many different styles of tweezing. *heart swells* *swallows*) so deeply.

I love ya'll. Best of luck.

No diggity.
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[Thu, Nov 24 2005 // 06:58pm]

Happy Thanksgiving to the ones I love most! I am thankful for each and everyone of you. Even you, Howie, and especially Brian & Nick.

Oh yeah, hey Kev.
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HEY D. [Wed, Nov 16 2005 // 04:06pm]

There's a bucket o' ice over there, man. Come a little closer and we can get this game STARTED, baby!

Come ON! I had a bad day!
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[Tue, Nov 15 2005 // 05:30pm]

Dude, why the fuck doesn't anyone utilize this thing? Seems like I have to get another tattoo or shave my head or fuck one of you to get something going here.

Yeah, so what are we doing for Thanksgiving?
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[Sun, Oct 23 2005 // 10:54pm]

Congratulations, AJ!
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[Sat, Oct 22 2005 // 12:06pm]

Hey, it's AJ/Brian Day! Give me us presents!
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[Thu, Oct 13 2005 // 08:02pm]

[ mood | worried ]

All right. This has been going on long enough. I'm the mediator of the group, I've been told, so apparently it's my responsibility to whip us all into shape.

We have been drifting. This place is more dead than my first blow dryer. Where is the love we used to share? Where are the happy times when we laughed until the sun came up? Talk to me, all of you.

Nicky, by the way, what the heck is up with the freaking harem on your bus? Didn't Kevin and I teach you better? Aren't we enough for you anymore? I'd like a proper explanation, please.

Kevin, just ... put down the tweezers and come hang with us. The Eyebrows can't replace your friends, can they? We love tolerate you. Don't alienate yourself! *clings*

AJ, you ... well. What are you doing, exactly? I haven't seen you clinging to Brian in days. This must be serious.


what? huh?

[Mon, Sep 19 2005 // 07:43pm]

Okay, I got it y'all! How around a round of Truth or Dare? Who wants to go first?
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